Over a span of centuries the gold dragon Hasslyn has nurtured the cold ruins of Cross Maschacket into a center of commerce spanning several primes and planes. The inhabitants of Aurum are a polyglot mix of species and races come to seek their fame and fortune. If you can make it in Aurum, you can make it anywhere.

Building a great city-state wasn't easy. Mastering it is even less so. There are constant challenges from the Board, the Syndicate, ogres, fey, other trade cities ... the list goes on. And now a hundred thousand gnomes, descendants of the original builders of Cross Maschacket, have shown up to claim their ancestors' city as a birthright. The City's palaces, theaters, marketplaces are all a testament to Master Hasslyn's success, and no ragtag mob is going to come along and take it from him. However, they may prove to be useful.


Our Heroes


Action Summaries

NewCross 1149.0858

Yields in Junos 1150.0732

Hellbug Incident 1150.0750

Mycelium Source 1150.0768

Toxic Waste 1150.772

Gnawing Concern 1150.950

Hasslyn Correspondence 1150.1112

Latest Intelligence from the Badlands 1150.1497

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