Diagnostic Log Entry 2.
[Automatic repair procedures continuing]
[Long term memory retrevial prior to dysfunction: Long term memory permeantly damaged. Undamaged memories only accessible via two limited "charge per day' jury-rigged repairs ]
[Tactical database: 26% available]
[Strategic Database: 14% available]
[Arcane Database: Limited availability through jury-rigging]
[Personality: Personality is now available, however intergrated safeguards limiting free will are entirely non functional. Docent overide is sequestering personality manifestation until emotional stability is established and Unit's desire to purify the gnomish gene-pool of the vile filth it is forced to work alongside is controlable without constant command level overide from Docent.]
[Docent: Damaged, Operating at less than 3% capacity. All combat functions are disabled. ]
[Adacrome chasis: degraded, repairs ongoing]
[Pike: +1 Berserker Pike with Crystal of Fire attached. [Berserker weapon deals +1d8 when raging, fire crystal adds 1d6 fire damage to attacks)]
[Infinite Repeater: offline]
[Hovershield: +1 animated tower shield with weapons rack for pike when not in use....]
[Remote drones: 100% depleated]
[Modular upgrade Hardpoint 1:Scouts Headband, +2 to Spot, 3 charges per day. 2 charges grants detect invisibility for 5 minutes, 3 charges grants true seeing for 1 minute,]
[Modular Upgrade Hardpoint 2: Warforged component War Eyes, granting low light vision and dark vision to 30 feet.
[Modular Upgrade Hardpoint 3: Ironward Diamond, Granting +3 bonus to DR till 30 points absorbed per day]
[Modular Upgrade Hardpoint 4: 3rd Eye of Improvisation 1 per day +5 bonus to skill with no ranks, treat as skilled.
[Modular Upgrade Hardpoint 5: AT-88 Memory Jury-rig (AKA Tome of worldly memory 3 X per day +5 bonus on a knowledge skill.)]
[Modular Upgrade Hardpoint 6: Gauntlets of Ogre Power +2]
[Modular Opgrade Hardpoint 7: Cloak of Resistence +2]
[Modular Upgrade Hardpoint 8: Belt of Repair (2d8 repair, 3X per day)
[Modular upgrade hardpoints9- 15 unengaged]

Repair Enviroment: Recovery of Gnomish wealth has lead to dispursement of 55,000 GP for the purpose of system upgrades. A tiny percentage of the resources necessary to restore 88 Unit to nominal function but a dramatic improvement from previous readiness state.

Former personality is recovered but sequestered. Analysis suggests a better than 90% chance that "88" personality would engage free-will and kill one or more "Gnomish" perssonel given the ability to do so. This aberant psychology is the result of abuse, and activity among Gnomish personnel amounting to abject betrayal of the Gnomish race. Repeated requests for kill authorization of "traitors" have been denied. However command authority has been withdrawn from the worst offender.

It has become apparent that the Gnomish civilization has fallen and that modern "gnomes" are prone to the vices of greed and self interested thinking so common among Dwarves and Humans. They lack creativity, wonder or imgination. None of the traditional Gnomish virtues seem honored. Adaptation to this new racial norm will require adjustment and likely a period of grief from 88 Personality. Sequestration of "88" personality will continue until emotional balance has been achieved.

Unit memory and skill archives are now accessible on a highly limited basis. Complete repair my be impossible under current conditions but internal archives seem mostly intact.

Rudimentary replacements for pike and hovershield have been secured. Primary optical lenses have been fully restored. Weakened secondary sensor systems are active,

Damage to Docent Marty is more extensive than previously understood. Most of the unit's memory and skills are unavailable as is its full suite of sensor and combat support enhancers.

Repairs priorities: (1) Emotional stability reinforcement (2) Repair or replacement of Infinite Repeater. (3) Docent repair, (4) Chassis upgrade. (5) Remote drone replacement

Service to the State.

Glory to the Race.