Diagnostic Log

Diagnostic Log Entry 1.

[Automatic repair procedures continuing]
[Short term memory: online]
[Creation of new long term memory: online]
[Long term memory retrevial prior to dysfunction: offline]
[Tactical database: 18% available]
[Strategic Database: 9% available]
[Arcane Database: 0% available]
[Personality: Offline]
[Docent: Damaged, Operating at unknown percentage of nominal operation, specifications in unavailable long term memory]
[Adacrome chasis: severely degraded]
[Pike: Missing]
[Infinite Repeater: offline]
[Hovershield: offline]
[Remote drones: 100% depleated]
[Modular upgrade Hardpoint 1: Flight module: Module offline]
[Modular upgrade hardpoints 3,4,5,6,8,9 offilne]
[Modular upgrade hardpoints 2,7 unengaged]

Repair Enviroment:
Resources necessary for full repair are unavilable. Unit [continues?] to travel with Gnomish militia detachment. Gnomes report having recovered 88 unit before long term memory creation reneabeled, estimate veracity of claim 94%. Militia stands in defense of roughly 30,000 Gnomish civillians. Militia reports to be unaffiliated with Gnomish State, and in fact claim that Gnomish State has been offline for roughly 1000 years. Estimate veracity of claim at 72% Estimate belief of militia in veracity of claim 99%. Probable outcome stands that entire chain of military command is deceased and that Unit 88 is the last remaining military asset of Gnomish State. 88 unit obeying orders of militia command structure until this fact is confirmed. Docent has reviewed and approved course of action.

Analysis using available strategic database suggests militia force possessing .4 SAE on the STRIM scale classifying the entire militia as "helpless well intentioned civillian[s]". In current state of repair 88 unit is minimal military asset, however unit will continue to serve.

Current stragetic objective: Reconisance of human encampoment.
Analysis: Gnomish civillians skilled in many aspects of fieldcraft but lack even basic military discipline. There is no clear command structure and no attempt at military discipline. ROE appear inexplicable and at cross purpose to stated objective. Estimate 12% probability inexplicability is caused by damage to 88 Unit stratgeic and tactical database. 85% chance that inexplicability is caused by untrained civillians attempt to be soldiers, 3% probability inexplicability is cause by enemy action.

Repairs priorities: (1) Personality functions (2) Strategic Database. (3) Docent, (4) Tactical Database. (5) Recovery or replacement of Pike.

Service to the State.
Glory to the Race.