Task: Deliver forcible eviction notice to Attercott Longstache, mayor of the illegal settlement known as New Cross.

Project Manager: Grisham, PM 1

Assigned: Civil Deputy Team 1150.3, code name "Second Run"

Estimated TTC: 2 days / 7 days

Contract Value: 700gp / 175gp

Special Parameters: Resistance probable, no settler casualties permitted.


Consistent to previous diplomatic contacts with the settlement, Mayor Attercott Longstache (MAL) attempted to avoid process service. CDT located MAL's hiding place and baited him using baked goods, substituting said goods with eviction notice. The geas performed at expected potency and settlement was destroyed by fire.

CDT was confronted by violent extreemists before leaving the scene, led by one Percy Trueshine. CDT used appropriate levels of force.

No settler casualties.

Aurum Authority is notified we will rue the day (RTD).


Minor skeletons killed, 6

Swamp rats of unusual size killed, 19


The west border remains polluted and continues to produce undead and aberrations.

CDT was uncommonly concerned with accelerating the area's return to its natural state, seeding the settlement with native plants and ferrets. No explanation was offered for the ferrets. While appropriate in this instance, future missions could be compromised if they conflict with CDT's naturalist elements.


CDT should continue in service.

Full contract value should be paid.

RTD declaration is standard, and Gnome Ingress threat should remain unchanged.

This PM recommends the aberrant swamp cleanup project be approved, in spite of its perceived utility as a barrier between Aurum and the Westlands.