Task: Investigate lowered yields of Nymph Fields, Junos. This is part of the overall review of field statuses (1150.0701).

Project Manager: Grisham, PM 1

Assigned: Civil Deputy Team 1150.3, code name "Second Run"

Estimated TTC: 10 days / 20 days

Contract Value: 700gp / 350gp

Special Parameters: Expected result is informational only.

Summary: Second Run was one of the few CDTs that met with success in Master Action 1150.0701, and were the first to take initiative and destroy the crops before harvest. Their investigative efforts centered on the bank records, the nymph fields, and the nymph avatars "Nusun" (wild rice) and "Olena" (golden jasmine rice). CDT also followed up on citizens who had recently moved away from Junos, and reclassified them as missing persons.

CDT discovered the fungus spores, as other teams had, but the inability of their fey member to perceive the spores alerted them to its significance. They persuaded the local council to burn Nusun's fields. CDT dispatched escapees with help from Attache George (CD IV). After that experience they requested military backup before burning Olena's field.

Sub-Actions: Minor demons were summoned and summarily destroyed. See Field Incident ID 1150.0750.

Observations: I believe Second Run's naturalist tendencies were an asset in this matter. The town's apparent antipathy towards Nusun made the team wary of the local authorities, and this skepticism served them well.


All nymph field produce has been intercepted and destroyed. All fields purged by fire. For most of their ecosystems fire is an otherwise natural (if infrequent) event, so only the harvest is lost. Ground cover will be sown, and new crops planted in spring.

Dispatch a Tier III auditor on behalf of Olena and Nusun.

The mystery of how the spores were delivered to all the field in only one season eludes us. Opening Action 1150.0768.