These are the seats of the Arcane Council, and their current occupants.

Abjuration Mensah Chenzira (Hu Ma). Third son of a sailmaker in Kepharix, Mensah had a long career as an enforcer. After spending a decade as the Vice-Chancellor of Enforcement he was elevated to the Council.

Conjuration Weblew Thenestal (Hu Ma).

Enchantment and Chancellor Albert Flemming (Hu Ma). Although he is noble Ild-Eldir decent, he was born without any great estate to his name. His parents were hard-pressed by the Academy to give him up because of his considerable intellectual gifts. He spent most of his career as a theorist before his elevation.

Evocation Mercedes Rodriguez (Hu Fe) From a rural family in Tasotia.

Necromancy Herman Smithman (Hu Ma). A native of Aspera, who was taken by the Academy at the age of ten.

Transmutation Dequine Leeward (Hu Ma). Born to a low caste in Blackwater, he was an old schoolmate of Issyren. Minzerec has met him before, when Dquine was an ambassador to Blackwater.

Divination (Light) Kineel Shonenth (Hu Fe). Born in Ethynia, but of Ild-Eldir descent. She replaced Rulamay Berks (Hu Fe), who died in the Nadia Incident.

Illusion (Shadow) Clarinet Bethwiddener (Gn Ma).

Earth Ruholan Grips (Dw Ma).

Air Omorose Nabiti (Hu Fe). She replaced Rabab Nuhane (HE Fe), who died in the Nadia Incident.

Fire Ustovor Bremwell (Gn Ma). He replaced Ladross Rockshield (Dw Ma), who died in the Nadia Incident.

Water Bergson Bergman von Berg (Gn Ma). Born a slave in Ustolia, when the Academy discovered him they forced his master to sell him. Bergson came to the Academy older than most students, but caught up quickly.