Over a span of centuries the gold dragon Hasslyn has nurtured the cold ruins of Cross Maschacket into a center of commerce spanning several primes and planes and renamed it Aurum. The inhabitants of Aurum are a polyglot mix of species and races come to seek their fame and fortune in "The Big Marble". If you can make it in Aurum, you can make it anywhere.

Building a great city-state wasn't easy. Mastering it is even less so. There are constant challenges from the Board, the Syndicate, ogres, fey, other trade cities ... the list goes on. And now a hundred thousand gnomes, descendants of the original builders of Cross Maschacket, have shown up to claim their ancestors' city as a birthright. The City's palaces, theaters, marketplaces are all a testament to Master Hasslyn's success, and no ragtag mob is going to come along and take it from him. However, they may prove to be useful.

Notable Sights

The Treasury: Hasslyn's hoard is highly unconventional. Instead of piles of gold or gems hidden in a dungeon somewhere, his treasury is is composed of huge monoliths of rare stone in full public view in Central Park. They are much too large to be stolen, and invariably come from far-away places. Some are shaped into obelisks and polished to a shine, while others are left rough. Each one is beautiful, perfect, immensely valuable, and very nearly impossible to steal. Perhaps the strangest among these is a monolith found drifting in the sandseas of the Plane of Earth: it has form and movement, but not life.

Theatre Oleander: Among all the theaters in Aurum, the Oleander is the most grand. It holds an astonishing 3000 spectators in stadium seating.

Gate of Worlds: Just west of the city is a separate fortress. It acts as an auxillary barracks for troops, and houses the Gate mechanism that connects Aurum to several other worlds.

Public Library