Action Summary 1150.1497 -- Confidential

Task: (Unofficial) Badlands Reconnaissance

Project Manager: Grisham, PM 1

Assigned: Civil Deputy Team 1150.3, code name "Second Run"

Estimated TTC: N/A

Contract Value: None

Special Parameters: None

Summary: Second Run (SR) entered the Badlands with the intent to:
  1. find and retrieve Ingress survivors.
  2. discover the truth of a hidden cache of AT units

More than two dozen Ingress survivors have been taking to a quarantine camp, from whence they will be assimilated into Aurum or repatriated across the river.

The AT units discovered are of a design we had not yet encountered, 'AU'. These are highly capable units designed by the radical General Julio Skeuomorph, and was equipped with a devastating Orbital Ballistic device. It appears to be a homing device for a large inert missile deployed from low orbit. The AU unit is presumed destroyed. These AU units are able to operate to a limited degree without an attached docent. Moreover, the docent remains appear to be of an advanced design.


I know now what happened to my arm, and it was disgusting. Fuel for the gate-fire, I suppose.

The source of The Hunch as been found and destroyed. While it hasn't been a problem recently, I for one am glad it is gone for good.

  • The ogre population remains under intense pressure since our last war with them.
  • Second Run continues to be very enterprising. I predict "Dreamskin" is about to become the next fashion craze.

  • All available archive materials relating to the Gnomish Purity movement should be thoroughly searched for mentions of similar bases.
  • Any additional "Orbital Ballistic" devices must be found and destroyed. Even without the guidance of an AU, they could be very destructive.
  • We must prevent the Academy from knowing the full import of what they discovered. A disinformation campaign may be called for.
  • We should make a roster of teams to send into the deep hole left behind by the explosion at Terrorhand Keep.