Alamion's Journal. The tale of an Asperian rider in Sidir's conquering army. Not a famous book, and even the Academy-redacted editions are very rare. The original lies in the royal historical records in Maedyn.

Canon of Maschaket by various authors. A bible of racial and historical lore of the gnomes.

Fantastic Creatures of the Far West by Magi Clovis Ettenhew c1123.

Forms and Protocols of Government by Oquai 1056, revised 1138 by Ferrule Lighthammer. aka "Protocols" aka "the Ring Book". Basic baronal handbook in Aspera.

Mangement of Agricultural, Forest, and Town Lands by Pherad 300, revised 1138 by Azghar Pinwater. Basic agricultural handbook in Aspera.

Secrets of the Grave by Hero Janicus c791. The most widely distributed tome of forbidden magic ever published. Banned by the Academy, but a surprising number of copies remain in circulation.