Project Manager: Grisham, PM 1
Agent(s) On Site: Second Run (CDT 1150.3)
Location: Six miles south of Junos county. CDT was enroute to Junos in pursuit of 1150.0732.

Summary:. Preliminary report received of Hellbugs (4), killed on location by CDT. No casualties. CDT submitted report prior to entering apparent lair.

Observations: The proximity to Junos is concerning, in light of 1150.0732. A survey of the few prelim reports available in pursuit of super-task 1150.0701 (Nymph Yield Losses) yields no known connection with hellbugs so far. A followup report is hoped for.

Recommendations: In addition to the standard bounty (4x35gp), additional resources should be provided.

Update: Attache Goerge (CD IV, Demonologiest) was dispatched to render assistance to Second Run.

Prior to George's arrival, CDT unearthed a Fragment of Uncertain Lineage (FOUL) from the Hellbug lair and stored it in a lead box. On suspicion the fragment was related to case 1150.0732 CDT tried to use thaumaturgy to locate more pices. The spell went awry, minor demons were summoned, then slain.

When George arrived he tentatively identified the FOUL as part of Entitty 36 and took possession of the fragment. No other demons were involved in action 1150.0732, and the FOUL is being transported to the Authority by George personally, with Strike Battalion 30 attached to him until completion.