Action Summary 1150.950

Task: Investigate deaths of livestock and citizens in the Dutchy of Collyer.

Project Manager: Grisham, PM 1

Assigned: Civil Deputy Team 1150.3, code name "Second Run"

Estimated TTC: 15 days

Contract Value: 1470gp (210gp per contractor)

Summary: Second Run discovered the long-term storage location of Gwyrdaff Emerald (Artifact 110) had been exposed, possibly through erosion, and had filled with a demon hedge. A thorough search and destroy ensued until the containment chamber was found, where the emerald was discovered to be missing. Further investigation determined the emerald was in the possession of Lord Braken, Duke of Collyer. He was using the item to bind Priscilla (a.k.a. River's Daughter) as a consort. The demons spawned by the device were killing his citizens. Priscilla's abandoned familiar Lusa (a bear of not inconsiderable stature) was responsible for the livestock kills.

Upon receiving a preliminary report, the Master dispatched a Principal of the realm to settle the situation. Second Run retrieved Artifact 110 using DSS (distract, steal, substitute) before Prince Eundasay arrived.

Justifications: Second Run was never notified of the Master's decision regarding Lord Braken, for security reasons. Their decision to steal Artifact 110 from a principal of the realm was either audacious (according to some on the review committee) or highly initiative (my own estimate). Although they did choose to move against a Principal, they did so using subterfuge rather than violence. Their actions almost certainly saved lives from further demonic incursion, and avoided an armed clash amounting to a civil war.

Followup: Several issues remain to be resolved:

  • Artifact 110 requires a Disposal of Evil Artifact Process rev 6 (DEAP6)
  • Lord Braken's disposition must be finalized (already under Principal care)
  • The demon hedge must be destroyed and the ravine closed or otherwise made safe (referral to civil engineering)
  • Foreign relations fallout has to be handled. The sexual enslavement of a high-ranking citizen of an ally is, frankly, a shocking development that will not be forgiven easily. Some recompense must be made.

Observations: Second Run is over-performing in a CDT1 capacity. Their resourcefulness and flexibility makes them useful for a wide range of problems. I recommend they be tested for CDT2 in the new year.