The Master

His Eminence Hasslyn, Master of the City, Protector of His Realm, His Resplendent Presence. He rules the land with a firm claw, an eye on justice ... and the other eye on profitable commerce. LG

The Chairman

Leader of the Bankers' Board of Aurum, whose membership is drawn from the executive ranks of the major banks of Aurum. As a group, they care first about the principal, and secondly about interest. If you are looking for morality on the balance sheet, you might find a little under "Goodwill". They are intensely materialistic, yet great respecters of law. Get them on your side, and you have the credit to do anything. Lose their trust, and you will find yourself in bankruptcy. Recently, new opportunities have arisen in Soubous and Aspera. The Board includes representatives from the Gold Sackmen, Claybar, Brothers Lehman, Wise Brothers, Morely-Stagan, and others. LN


A shadowy figure reputed to run virtually all crime in Aurum. In M's syndicate there are rules. Break the rules, and there will be Consequences. If you're going to have crime, it should be organized. Recently, new opportunities have arisen in Soubous and Aspera. LE

The Chancellor

Chief Magi of the Arcane Academy. She wants to recapture the Academy's old pre-eminence in the world, but that may be impossible now the wall between worlds has come undone. Still, the academy has considerable resources to draw upon and is not to be discounted. Her chief ally is the Principality of Soubous. NE

The Oracle

Although she has little direct power to affect the world, on her remote island she is unassailable. She seems to know everything important about everything going on in the world, provided you can find her to ask. One must be especially careful when asking the Oracle for advice: the thread between question and answer pulls both ways. N

The Heirophant

In the far-away kingdom of Aspera, the high priest of Te resides in an ancient temple on the mountain of Oxhed. His power has been growing quickly for several years now. Often opposed by the Chancellor, the Heirophant seeks to spread the Words and Works of the world's pantheon throughout the world. His chief ally is the nation of Aspera. NG

The Erlking

King of the Fey, leader of the Wild Hunt. Highly unpredictable, and motives unknown. He and his people inhabit wild places, and their agenda is unclear. The Erlking is Hasslyn's neighbor to the East, which makes for an untidy and fractious border. CN

The Demon Queen

She sows chaos and reaps destruction because she likes it. She doesn't have a big presence on this world, and most of the other icons would counter her if her tried. But once in a while she gets in a few good licks. There was that one time she sent a Demonic Dire T-Rex to devour a temple full of gnomes who thought they were about to be blessed. It was brilliant! CE


A spirit that loves music, art, dance, theater, and wild excess. Bacchus is gender-fluid, pan-sexual, fabulous, and invariably attends all the best parties. Bacchus Happens! CG