Action Summary 1150.0768

Task: Discover the source of the mycelium outbreak (fey resistant strain)

Project Manager: Grisham, PM 1

Assigned: Civil Deputy Team 1150.3, code name "Second Run"

Estimated TTC: 10 days

Contract Value: 1050gp, depending on quality of report

Special Parameters: Informational only.

Summary: CDT Second Run began by tracking down and questioning Ageny, who was recovering from Fungaloid withdrawl in Teloni. He has only been on the job for four months, since the disappearance of his predecessor Cryteser and had no intel on Cryteser's whereabouts. During their time in the Ranqua/Teloni/Beetlebay area CDT developed two leads. First, that a gnome merchant named Zigabel has been selling the hypnogogic mushrooms for nearly two years. Second, that Cryteser told his granddaughter Idee he was going to Fortune's Keep. CDT enlisted the aid of Osidara for transporation and advisory services.

In Fortune's Keep, the Lords in residence were of little help and seemed more interested in throwing a party than rendering assistance. During the celebrations CDT gained a lead on one Seroost. Seroost, a career criminal, was discovered the next day at the Goblin's Claw saloon nearly dead from an assassination attempt. Once imprisoned, he turned on his employer Zigabel and disclosed his whereabouts.

Zigabel was captured, the bulk of his stock eaten by rats, and imprisoned. He claimed to have been paying off the Syndicate. Although unproven (like so much of M's racketeering), it produced a sound lead to Joss the Stone. She reported her first contact with the mushroom was more than three years ago, before the probable infection date, brought to her by three wizards. She was uninterested in their offer, but was approached at a later date by Mage Garbur, an Academy mage (no official standing) living in Fortune's Keep.

A search of Mage Garbur's residence produced copious evidence of his involvement in the distribution of spores, date of infection, and several unrelated illegal activities. His effects have been transferred to the Justicar's office for closer examination.

Mage Garbur was detained by the Sisters just outside of Aurum territory, as a citizen's arrest within the confines of the law. CDT took over custody, pending arrival of Justicar Simmons. While awaiting trial, CDT was attacked by the white dragon Ulysses The Hateful. Ulysses was killed.

An expedited trial was held and Garbur was executed.

Citizen Contacts:
- Ageny (Admin II, Fey Relations)
- Idee, Chryteser's granddaughter.
- Osidara, (Ranqua's Oat Nymph)
- Joss the Stone, owner of Mount of the Lillies and suspected M operative in Fortune's Keep.
- Dinah Shore, entertainer
- Lord Lurric, Lady Mint of Fortune's Keep
- Zigabel (arrested)
- Seroost (arrested)
- Mage Garbur of the Academy. (Fugitive)


Once again, the nobles of Fortune's Keep have shown a weakness when dealing with their criminal elements. All leads were produced outside of the Authority, and a link in the investigation was nearly severed with the attempt on Seroost's life.

The distribution of hypnogogic mushrooms is far wider than we supposed. That the consumption of mushroom covers its own tracks is an appalling effect, from the point of view of enforcement.

Pandora's influence with The Master came into play, resulting in an execution rather than a prison sentence. While it might be justice in the short term, this outcome prevents us from discovering more about the Academy's role in all this.


The hypnogogic mushroom should be banned immediately, and all ports should be on the lookout for it indefinitely.

The Academy's involvement is another data point in a pattern of attempts to undermine the Authority of His Resplendence. --redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--redacted--

Advise all nymphs on keeping animal companions to watch their fields. Badgers seem especially useful, given their hunger for the mycelium and resistance to poison. Nymphs' unusual legal status can too easily lead to exploitation or neglect, so wherever they can afford the upkeep of such a companion it should be allowed. We would be unjust to disallow our citizens this extra measure of safety in the face of an infestation nobody else can detect.

Assign an independent Justicar III to Fortune's Keep, and remove those responsibilities from the nobility there.