Notable NPCs

These are many of the NPCs with whom the party has come in direct contact. They represent favors owed, favors owned, debts outstanding, contacts, resources, friends, relatives, and villains.

Anamogea A world-famous playwright. Although the party has met him, he's never done anything of direct importance.

Ashanar A tribe of Elves friendly to the party, who live in the north desert. They are led by Qatir, his lieutenant Marasef, and Marasef's wife Khatna.

Calanth Princess Calanth is the grand-daughter of Ludo Harrell (the "Old Duke" of Corak) and niece to his son Fredrick Harrel (the "Young Duke" of Corak).

Delma The headwoman of the island of Per'moso. The party, with help from Valar and his crew, saved a lot of her people from slavery.

Dunac A scribe in the very oldest, dustiest bowels of the national archives. He translated Alamion's Journal for the sisters.

Ferrule Lighthammer (Halfling) Former adventuring companion of Seraphina. Known as "Uncle Slick" to Aidan and Nadia. He holds no title, but is an important adviser to the throne.

Flanitolius "Nibbs" Phelitidean (gnome) A creator, collector, and purveyor of rare maps. He lives in Gdazn Rox.

George of Stone Saints A demon-hunter in Aurum.

Grisham The Project Manager who gives assignments to Second Run.

Heirophant Danburr The highest religious authority in the land and also the Duke of Oxhed. He leads the Rite of Te, keeps safe the oldest religious shrine, supervises the Head Justicar, supervises the Paladin, and has many other important duties. While this role gives him tremendous influence, he himself is ineligible to take the throne. He is one of Issyren's former adventuring companions, and a close friend of her family.

Iaden Baroness of Lemonfall, located in Gideon's Valley. Brother to Timeas. Lemonfall was founded by her father, but upon his death the barony was given to her late husband Lemandis. Lemandis was executed after it was revealed that he was conducting heinous planar experiments on innocent people. With Lemandis gone, Iaden was given the barony.

Issyren Builder of the tower of Ardengard, and its former Baroness. She is now the Oracle of Air, residing in an extradimentional space coterminus with a location somewhere in the far Western Isles. She is mother to Seraphina, and grandmother to Aidan and Nadia. In addition to her otherworldly powers, she is a powerful arcanist.

Jamyt, Baron of Newholy(City), son and likely successor to Duke Endethel. Tried to prevent Father Ambrose from building a small church in the inner town, but ultimately relented when the party came up with his ludicrous fee.

Jaq Sisox Former adventurer companion to Issyren. He is the elderly Count of Reeland, and is likely to be succeeded by his newphew and adopted son, Peter Sisox.

Jaskira A princess of Newholy, daughter of Duke Endethel. It was she who sent the party to Iaden in Lemonfall, to investigate the demise of her lover Avadur. Trained as a Rider, she is frustrated by her father's refusal to let her take the thane's oath.

Laarshi Another former adventuring companion of Issyren's. He is Ild-Annian, and the party has never met him.

Leeman A Magi, and sub-vice-chancellor of Enforcement to the Academy. He was primarily responsible for the assault that captured Nadia.

Meako (gnome) An arcanist who works for Uster. She carries a torch for Earkey.

Neveneth (dragon) A fearsome blue dragon who lives in the desert. He operates several ongoing commercial interests, and protects them with a kind of enlightened ruthlessness.

Orodriel Born 1126 as the bastard daughter of Lemandis, she is related by blood to current Duke of Newholy. Due to the bizarre circumstances of her birth, she has a unique talent with the undead. Her adolescent years were spent in a hunting lodge north of Lemonfall. Her chief company during these years was various tutors, the werewolf Fashrin, her "benefactor" Lemandis, and the demon D'Zal with whom she shares her body. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Peter Sisox Viscount of Reeland, and likely successor to Count Jaq. He is friendly towards the sisters, and was responsible for helping them acquire a pair of Arducian Chargers.

Saharta, Princess of Newholy by marriage to Jamyt. She only moves in the highest social circles, and is passionate about her horses.

Seraphina Magi, daughter of Issyren, mother to Aidan and Nadia. Like her mother before her, she is an uncommonly talented arcanist. The throne counts her as a thane mainly because of her well-known problems with political arm of the Academy. Although technically the Baroness of Ardengard, she has been forced to reside in Corak because she is on the Council's kill-on-sight list.

Timeas Brother to Iaden. Currently living under a secret identity as the Bey Rabbah al Hannah, an extravagantly wealthy foreigner in Newholy(City). He occasionally takes the identity of Barlo, a merchant of Maedyn.

Uster (dwarf) Magi and Academy Council Enforcer. Minzerec's one-time mentor and supervisor. He seems to have personal problems with Council policy, but carries out their orders nonetheless.

Valar A ship's captain based in Corisat. He is best known from his travels aboard the ship Pharon. He was sweet on sister Aidan, but she sent him away.

Vallheim A caravan master who travels the Maedyn-Vohanis-Soubous route several times a year.