Our Heroes

Deputies of Aurum


Busted-Up Warforged, Barbarian/Bard




Gnome, Motivational Artiste


Human, Fighter


Assimar, Comander-Cleric


Wildling Hunter, Ranger/Barbarian


Wood Elf, Rogue

Heroes of the Ingress


The femme fatale


A cleric of Zerus


Good natured, easy-going fighter prone to berserker rages.


Druid with a balanced chakra


Warblade in search of ancient martial lore


A Ranger


A warforged construct.


An illusionist font of tricks.

Heroes of Soubous-Aspera War

Aidan and Naida of Ardengard

The daughters of the Baroness Seraphina, these two women were trained from a tender age to serve the kingdom as mounted warriors. A fortunate combination of innate talent, good training, and experience has earned them a great deal of respect albeit in different circles. The presence of either rider is a reassurance to her allies. The two of them together are are force to be reckoned with.

Nadia is the fair-haired sister, whose bubbly demeanor can belie her combat prowess.

Aidan is the darker, moodier sister. Although not famous, she is well-known in the baronies where she has helped people whose troubles were either beneath official notice or simply neglected.

Solid Lines: blood relations, Dotted Lines: marriage / sex

Bishop Ambrose

The following of Saint Cuthbert has seen a revival in recent years, largely thanks to Bishop Ambrose. He has raised money for new shrines and neighborhood churches, ministered to the poor, healed the sick, and put to rest the occasional ambulatory deceased. Proper churches dedicated to Cuthbert are now found in Corak, Newholy, and Maedyn.

The Bishop's greatest work to date is still in progress: a combination cathedral, monastery, and stronghold built from the remnants of the old Camber Castle. The central chapel is nearing completion, and there are habitable quarters for the clergy and the workers. But much remains to be done.

Bishop Ambrose is formally addressed as His Lordship, His Grace, or His Excellency. Aidan calls him Padre.

Minzerec Granitehelm the Arcanist

As a dwarf and arcanist Minzerec, or "Minzy" to those who wish to annoy him, can be serious to the point of tedium. He is a member of Magi Uster's "Intercessors", a group of wizards (and their helpers) that the Academy uses to respond to magical emergencies throughout Aspera and occasionally beyond.

Although officially an Arcanist's only loyalty is to the Academy, Minzerec seems to regard Aspera as his home. He also seems more open to the possibility of divine magic, which is not sanctioned in the eye of the Academy.

Nolan Brightstar

The halfling in the party is an adventurer and explorer in his own right. He is often to be seen digging through old archives or riding off to explore forgotten ruins and caves. He has uncovered several choice nuggets of Asperian history and artifacts, but the truly glorious discovery still eludes him.

Nolan keeps a henchboy for errands and chores, a young human named Thaddius Poole.

Erky Timbers

A learned gnome respected among his own people, he earns a meager living as both bouncer and babysitter. With no perceivable ambition, this little guy just takes life as it comes. Hey! I ain't "little" and you forgot to mention disgruntled, surly and foul-mouthed! Love, Erky. Dammit.

Abra Basil

Abra is a descendant of the desert elves and a student of secret martial lore. He's had a hard few years, drinking himself into oblivion because of some unspeakable shame.