Action Summary 1150.0772

Task: Deliver infernal shard to the forge on Quarcil Minor

Project Manager: Grisham, PM 1

Assigned: Civil Deputy Team 1150.3, code name "Second Run"

Estimated TTC: 8 days; unknown return date

Contract Value: 600gp (125gp per contractor)

Special Parameters: limited diplomatic immunity; decoy payload


  • 12 travel vouchers
  • 12 per-diem vouchers
  • 1 authentication loupe
  • 1 sealed box
  • 1 diplomatic visa, third class

Summary: Second Run overcame multiple acts of sabotage and attempted theft to deliver their cargo. Their chief adversary appears to have been a single agent, who was killed during the the theft. No interrogation was possible.

Observations: Second Run acted with their usual initiative, craft, and deft use of violence. If only they would leave enemies alive long enough to question them.

Recommendations: Renew Second Run's credentials for the next calendar year.